Take a look at our products

We have created several testing environments for you to try most of our products and experience not only the inherent friendliness in our user interfaces but also review the flexibility and variety of business features provided in each single application.

Demo website

Check our demo website to take a look at our customer facing applications where they can bet on horse racing and sport events, play Casino games, play third-party games, sign up, deposit or withdraw money, check their accounts and balances or even update their own information.

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Partner Backoffice

Affiliates and gaming partners in general have full control of their information, business rules and accounting data from this powerful Web application. It allows customization for each specific need, having shortcuts and instant data to the most used queries according each individual.

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Back-office Managers

This is a set of Web applications to manage your gaming operation: Sportsbook Manager, Racebook Manager, Casino Manager and CoreTools Manager. Each application is especially designed to fully allow you customize your rules, manage your risk and have total control and knowledge of your finances

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POS System

State of the art Web based point of sales system is the tool you need for your OTB, land base Casino or general walk-in betting local.

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Horse Racing and Games Information Display System

Our Horse Racing and Games Information Display System powers OTBs and general walk-in betting stores to provide their customers with live information on the upcoming races and sport events for the day through TV screens.

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